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Free Second Dental Opinion

Free second opinion dental services in Westminster and Near By

Free second dental opinion WestminsterWe take pride in offering you an honest and fair dental examination and treatment plan. We have many  patients who come to us for Free Second Dental Opinions because they have been given treatment recommendations that are excessive or unnecessary, but they need a professional opinion to be sure. We know that dental care can quickly become very expensive, which is why getting an unbiased professional second opinion is in your best interest, before undertaking such costly procedures.

If you would like a Free Second Dental Opinion, please call our office and schedule a time that is convenient for you. We offer a completely complimentary examination and consultation and always provide you with an honest and up-front diagnosis. We also go the extra step and can provide any necessary x-rays or photographs for you, as in some cases, we know it might be awkward to ask your previous dental office for these records. These are also done at no charge to you.

During your exam for a Second Dental Opinion, we will do the following:

  • Check for cavities
  • Check for gum disease
  • Examine teeth for fractures, cracked teeth or fillings
  • Examine for TMJ dysfunction
  • Examine for oral cancer
  • Determine the need (if any) for crowns or root canals.

Finally, you can get an honest evaluation in a non-threatening environment. We don't "sell" you dentistry...we tell you what you actually need for a happy, healthy smile.

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