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Dental Care Procedures and Services

We provide an extensive array of dental care services, focused on expert work and superior patient comfort. Please view our services below, and learn more about what we have to offer you and your family

Preventative Care

Many patients believe that “if nothing hurts, then nothing is wrong” sometimes that is true, but unfortunately more often than not, there are problems lurking just below the surface. We strive to stop most dental emergencies before they start with preventative and routine dental care. At your hygiene appointment we utilize digital X-rays (with reduced radiation) to detect cavities as well as provide a cleaning and fluoride treatments when necessary to ensure that we can keep true dental emergencies to a minimum.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental fillings have fortunately come a long way over the years, and gone are the days of silver/amalgam fillings; although they are durable and still used today, most people do not want the look of dark-appearing restorations in their mouth. Less noticeable are white/composite resin fillings, which are sturdy and more natural in appearance.

Cerec® – Single Day Crowns

Crowns are one of those procedures that typically take several appointments, so imagine having your crown made and seated in one single appointment. Cerec® is the unique CAD/CAM system for single all-porcelain crowns, and the advanced technology of this procedure and its track record is truly amazing.

cosmetic dentistry

A lot of people are self-conscious about their smiles and have several questions when it pertains to the appearance of their front teeth. With the help of our trained lab we can put all of your worries behind you and give you the smile that you deserve.

Implant Restorations

Losing a tooth can be hard and can cause further issues to the rest of your teeth and bite. After your dental implant is placed by one of our trusted Oral Surgeons you can return to the comfort of your own dental office to have the final crown placed and be back to normal function.

complete Dentures/partial dentures

In some cases, it is necessary to start from scratch and remove teeth and replace with dentures or partial dentures. We utilize a series of appointments to ensure that we can return your mouth as closely as possible to its previous form and function while utilizing reinforced acrylic to form to the hard and soft tissues of your mouth in the case of complete dentures or a cast metal framework in the case of a partial denture.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation - Laughing Gas

Sometimes referred to as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide sedation can provide a more pleasant dental experience when utilized. For most patients, it offers a way to remain comfortable during your procedure, while being nearly unaffected afterward, most patients find they can drive immediately after their appointment (Not covered by most insurance companies).

What Our patients say

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"I love the crew there and have been going there for ~20 yrs. All of them are very friendly & professional: they are gentle on your teeth and gums, keep you comfortable during procedures, educate you on oral health, answer all your questions regarding any work that you might have done. They don't push services that you don't need. They were recommended to me by a co-worker and I've recommended them to everyone, even those not looking for a new dentist. Julie and Kathy are wonderful working on me. Christine is great at navigating through dental insurances to keep it simple for me -- love that."
Rowena Freebury
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"Like most people the dentist isn't my favorite place but Dr Willard's office is a completely different experience. The entire staff is always warm and welcome. Would recommend them to anyone that desires a better dental experience."
Jeff Nitta
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"While going to the dentist isn't high on my list of favorite things to do, the entire staff have always provided excellent service. In the nearly 25 years I've been going to their office, they have always made me feel welcome and comfortable. You can tell the entire staff truly likes what they do, and they work very well together. They're also very accommodating with working around my schedule."
Carol Wollenberg
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"I’ve been going here for over 5 years and cannot commend the highly skilled staff often enough. They are extraordinarily skilled, kind and has an exceptionally light touch even with most difficult dental situations. I have a family history of terrible teeth and gums and have been to dentists who have either minimized or were stumped by my dental needs. The staff have always gone above and beyond to help me, and yesterday was no exception. They were able to get me in right away and immediately figured out what I needed to do, yet again. Thanks, everyone for your wonderful, compassionate work!"
Valerie Hotz-Callis