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Dental Procedures

Dental Care Procedures and Services

We provide an extensive array of dental care services, focused on expert work and superior patient comfort. Click and view our services below, and learn more about what we have to offer you and your family:

Everybody hates “the shot", so instead, we offer you “The Wand”. This newer technology provides more accurate, less painful anesthetic application by delivering a computer-regulated flow of anesthetic. This way of delivering anesthetic makes the "numbing" process much easier and faster, ultimately making your dental treatment an even more comfortable experience.
Used for years (and more commonly known as “laughing gas”), nitrous oxide sedation provides a more pleasant dental experience. For most patients, it offers a way to remain comfortable during your procedure, while being nearly unaffected afterward. This treatment dissipates quickly, and most find they can even drive immediately after their appointment, safely unimpaired.
Crowns are one of those procedures that typically take several appointments, so imagine having your crown made and the setting of it done in one single appointment! Cerec® is the unique CAD/CAM system for single all-porcelain crowns, and the advanced technology of this procedure and its track record is truly amazing:

  • It is the most used dental CAD/CAD system worldwide.
  • Almost 30 years of successful continuous development.
  • Over 28 million restorations placed.
  • More than 250 scientific studies documenting clinical success.
  • Proven long-term survival rate of 95%.
Dental fillings have fortunately come a long way over the years, and gone are the days of silver/amalgam fillings; although they are durable, most people do not want the look of dark-appearing restorations in their mouth. Less noticeable are white/composite resin fillings, which are sturdy and more tooth-colored in appearance. These quartz resin composite fillings are getting stronger and stronger all the time, so can now compare to their predecessor in many cases.
Until the 1970’s gum disease and its treatment were not well understood. The result for many people was tooth extraction, followed by bridges and sometimes dentures. Since that time, the arrival of dental hygienists has drastically improved the way we treat gum and teeth above the gum line, thus preserving people's overall dental health, reducing the number of extractions, and other gum-related issues for our patients.

In our office, we have a team of dental hygienists who are amazing at what they do. Julie, Tara and Crissy can have your gums in tip top shape in no time. Gum health is more than just polishing the teeth; our hygienists conduct thorough, comfortable periodontal maintenance that helps keep your gum health in check. They truly take the time to be sure your gums are in the best shape possible before sending you on your way.

Digital dental x-rays greatly reduce the amount of radiation patients receive (sometimes as much as 80 percent less!), plus are much more to conduct, compared to old-school dental x-rays. What's more, the diagnostic abilities are vastly improved, so we can identify issues that could have gone missed in the old days. Images are immediately ready for viewing, so it even reduces the amount of time we spend reviewing and then treating you.
The Versawave is an Erbium-YAG laser. This treatment is a favorite for many patients who currently suffer with cold sores on the lips. This system has the ability to permanently rid the patient of cold sores on lips, so embarrassing sores or expensive prescription ointments can be eliminated. In most cases, the Versawave® can prevent recurrent herpetic breakouts on the lips permanently.
The Diagnodent® is an advanced diagnostic tool for detecting cavities. Its red light laser has a 99% accuracy rate, so is beneficial for treating cavities early on, while they are small. Early detection of even the smallest of cavities helps with preserving a tooth over the long haul, and reduces the prospect of larger fillings later on, and more of the tooth is protected from decay.
Do you suffer from pain related to clenching that can cause chronic headaches and disrupt daily life?  People who battle TMJ and similar conditions have benefitted greatly from treatments with Botox®, and you could, too. See if you might be a candidate for Botox® Dental Therapeutics, by visiting our page dedicated to all the details related to this procedure.
Dental procedures and services