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Our Dental Services


Family-Friendly Dentistry
Since 1986, we have been serving the dental health needs of families in the Denver/Boulder metro. When you arrive at our office, you'll get a warm welcome from a caring, smiling staff who are completely devoted to making your visit a great one. We want to provide you and your family with the best dental care possible. Learn more about the quality of service we provide by reading more, or simply by visiting our office.


Second Opinion Consults
Expert dental care sometimes means getting a second opinion, and we specialize in providing these, and do so free. Because procedures can quickly get expensive and are sometimes even unnecessary, it is important to have a resource for an unbiased professional exam and consult. Read more about this service and see if you might benefit from a Second Opinion consult.


Botox Dental Treatments
People usually think Botox is just for facial wrinkles and all those women on one of those “Housewives” shows. It has many therapeutic applications as well. Among them is treating chronic headaches caused by frequent clenching and grinding of teeth. Because it relaxes muscle, Botox can greatly reduce muscle contraction strength thereby decreasing headache pain. Learn more about Botox Dental Therapeutic treatment and see if it might be right for you…. or come in for a free consultation. By the way, we do cosmetic Botox treatments as well.


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